No Title Necessary…



Tell It Like It Is…

Can’t find the words…frame of mind

Flatline… my pen stops…

©2015 ♥ – #PoeticStateofMind


“Face it.. Embrace It…” – Yours Truly

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#Poem: Psychotic Episode

Thoughts of not knowing
how to hold the raw essence of truth
results in nail-biting anxiety.

Fighting back the raging river
as there is no ocean to which
the tears can deplete.

Love captured my soul.
Having no intentions of reducing force,
it only gets harder to deal.

It’s hard to share my existence…
It’s ludicrous to feel my presence linger
when it’s tossed in a furnace to burn.

Attempting to decode Pandora’s box,
I prematurely give in.
Realizing the moment may be in my grasp,
all movement stills…

©2015 ♥ – #PoeticStateofMind


“When your soul talks to you… listen.” – Yours Truly

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#Poem: Life is Happening


Life is happening.

You sit and you sit and
you think about a lot of things.

You wait and you wait
to see what will come your way.

Hours, months, and years go by
with your truths staring you in the face.

There will be that ‘one day’ that everything
will start to rearrange itself accordingly..

The moment when enough is ‘really’ enough…
That is life… happening.

♥ – #PoeticStateofMind

“Love is powerful when your soul starts to speak to you.” – Yours Truly.

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#Poem: Feng Shui

In a square shaped space,
the dimensions fit perfectly
around the tension-crowded space…

Looks shoot across the room
trying to gauge the reactions of others
creating a labyrinth of collaborations
waiting to be released among the walls
to reflect and deflect the words spoken within…

With time, it creates a shift in energy
that, with too much pressure,
begins to overload the vibe of serenity
and collapses, releasing a cloud of hostility…

©2015 ♥ – #PoeticStateofMind


“Rearrange your mind to create positive space… It will reflect in your life.” – Yours Truly

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#Poem: Mental Struggle

My soul is captured by the essence of your absence
The feeling takes me by surprise
but could it be the reason for my mental’s demise?

A knot of frustration accumulates in my throat
Making it difficult for sentences to compose…
The thought of remaining forever silent is not healthy;
and curiosity begins to bloom like that of a rose…

Am I taking this a little too far?
Does the flow of my emotions overwhelm the past?
Do I have the emotional capacity to heal that scar?

©2015 ♥ – #PoeticStateofMind


“Find what makes your heart hug your soul and hold on to it for a lifetime.” – Yours Truly.

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#Poem: Caged Bird


My feathers are all in tact.
Gentle as the song that cascades
from the harmonious depths from within…
There are still locked visions of a caged bird.

A silent cry of relief is within arms reach,
yet I quiver upon the thoughts of an epiphany,
as it is not quite the expected…
Unexpected, locked visions of a caged bird.

An anxious chill of torment floats in my mind,
revealing time lost in the crevices of love.
As the crescendo of the beat of my past
rises above the volume of my voice,
I grow numb from despair
due to the lack of avid listening…

Silent, unexpected, locked visions of a caged bird…

©2014 ♥ – #PoeticStateofMind


“Never be afraid to be your own individual.” – Yours Truly.

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